PayMaya's Add Money option via Debit and Credit Card will have Php30 fee starting June 8

paymaya add money fee

As previously announced by PayMaya on their Facebook page, starting this June 8 2020, there will be a transaction fee of Php30 for every "Add Money" to PayMaya account using debit or credit cards. This means that users now have until June 7 to use this method of adding funds to their PayMaya account without incurring the said fee. 

If you are not happy with this new announcement, don't worry as there are other ways to add money to our PayMaya account that are still free of charge such as bank transfers via InstaPay option within the app. As long as you have mobile or online banking access to your checking or savings account, you can still send funds to your PayMaya account through InstaPay at no additional cost. 

You can visit the link in the embedded post above to learn more about this Bank Transfer method of topping up your PayMaya account.
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