Globe GPlan Plus is a SIM-Only Postpaid Plan With No Lock-In Period

Globe SIM only plan

Have you ever been wanting to sign up for a Globe Postpaid plan but not wanting to deal with the lock-in period? Well, today is your day as Globe Telecom just launched its new SIM-only postpaid plan with no contact time. This means, you will be able to enjoy its postpaid offerings and be in this plan for as long as you want without the need or contract to complete a certain number of months. 

Globe GPlan Plus is now officially available and this offers a variety of features to cater to needs of different users such as unlimited calls and texts, 10GB (Plan 799) to up to 100GB (Plan 2499) of data allocations as well as six-month unlimited 5G access for plans 799 and up. 

Globe added that those who will sign-up for GPlan Plus 799 and up will be able to convert their unused GB to rewards points which they they can redeem for food and shopping vouchers or donate to their chosen charity. 

Additionally, Plan 999 and up will give subscribers unlimited access to one app of their choice such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Mobile Legends and more. Globe did not say though if this can be changed every month or not. But based on their website where you can renew or sign-up for the plan, it looks like it can't. That one unli app access is good for 6 months only and not for as long as you have the plan going.  

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